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In 1997, Evertson Companies took the knowledge gained by working on wells for hundreds of clients in the Rocky Mountain region and started operations internationally.

The Evertson International business strategy is to provide brand new equipment with expat supervision, which we feel is different from that of other major contractors.  We have six (6) rigs in South America, five (5) workover rigs and one (1) drilling rig. We are the only contractor on all four heavy oil projects in eastern Venezuela, the Hamaca project, Petrozuata, Cerro Negro and Sincor. We are currently contracted or have been contracted by such major and large independents as Exxon Mobil, Conoco, Phillips, Texaco, Lasmo, Statoil, Total, PDVSA and Repsol. Evertson International is a well- established and financially stable company.

Evertson International is at the top of its class in performance, equipment, and personnel.  Our safety record is unmatched. Companies that have done business with Evertson International give us the highest approval and recommendations.  We welcome and encourage you to visit with representatives of the above-mentioned contractors regarding Evertsonís excellent reputation.

References available upon request.

Contact Information

Evertson International Venezuela
Chuck Southard, P.E.
General Manager
Houston, TX  77056

Office: (281) 657-3382
Fax: (281) 657-3350
U.S. Cell: (832) 466-2861
Venezuela Cell: 58-414-845-0742

E-mail: chuck@evertson.com

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