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Evertson Companies

Evertson Companies is a group of independent energy and service companies primarily engaged in the acquisition, development, and exploration of crude oil and natural gas reserves, with operations in the Rocky Mountains and South America.


The first Evertson venture was Evertson Well Service formed in 1974, which grew to thirteen (13) rigs operating in six (6) states in the Rocky Mountain region and with current operations in Venezuela and opportunities in Argentina, Oman and Colombia.

In 1980 the Evertson Companies took the knowledge gained by working on wells for hundreds of clients in the Rocky Mountain region and started to build a production base.

Through lowering operating costs and increasing production on acquired properties, washing down bypassed wells, recompleting old wells, secondary recovery projects, and effective exploration methods, the Evertson Companies now have a production base in 6 states.   Since 1980, the Evertson Companies has leveraged their hands-on field knowledge to operating several hundred wells in 6 states, multiple secondary recovery projects, and has risen to the largest producer in the State of Nebraska.

Furthermore, the Evertson Companies has continually increased their exploration program, while maintaining low overhead by teaming up with world class independent explorationists. Evertson’s exploration efforts have included 2-D and 3-D seismic exploitation and exploration projects, horizontal and under balanced drilling projects, as well as conventional exploration techniques.

Business Strategy

The company’s strategy is to increase its cash flow and oil and gas reserves by focusing the company’s experience of working over and completing wells to develop and exploit properties bypassed or sold by bigger companies.

Evertson climbs the learning curve of an area quickly and efficiently by setting up a base of operations with the service rigs, learning the area, people, reservoirs, and production problems. Our cadre of seasoned rig supervisors supported by a world class team of independent explorationists and engineers, gives Evertson the technical strength of companies many times our size. We learn an area while working for other companies, pick the reservoirs apart from a geological and engineering standpoint, use the decades of hands-on operational experience to increase production, extend fields through drilling and side tracking, and capture more oil and gas reserves by lowering operating costs from fields sold or left behind by larger companies.

Key Personnel

Bruce Evertson, is the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Evertson Companies, officing in Kimball, Nebraska. 

Chuck Southard, is the General Manager of Evertson International, rotating between El Tigre, Venezuela and Houston, Texas.

Phillip Kriz, is the Engineering Manager for Evertson Companies, officing in Denver, Colorado.

Management of the Evertson Companies consists of the President, Mr. Bruce Evertson. Mr. Evertson has worked up through the ranks of the well servicing industry to owning multiple integrated independent energy and service companies. Through the knowledge gained by working for hundreds of different oil and gas exploration and production companies, Mr. Evertson has led his own companies to aggressive, continuous growth.

The management of day to day operations and personnel of Evertson International is handled by Mr. Chuck Southard out of El Tigre, Venezuela. Mr. Southard also came up through the ranks of the well servicing industry and earned a petroleum engineering degree during the oil industry’s slow down in the late 80’s.Mr. Southard is a registered professional engineer in the United States, with many engineering accomplishments working internationally for several previous employers.

The operational management of the United States production base and exploration efforts is conducted by Mr. Phillip Kriz out of Denver, Colorado. Mr. Kriz is a petroleum engineer who has worked in numerous basins in the United States for several large independents.

The Evertson Companies combines the strength of the vast knowledge of its senior rig supervisors, with some of the best independent geologists, geophysicists, and engineers in the United States. Mr. Evertson has learned to be flexible and keep his overhead low by keeping his technical staff small, and working closely with aggressive independent engineers, geologists, and geophysicists. This prevents the companies scope being limited by its staff’s experience and provides the flexibility to economically get the right experts working where they are needed.

Through a flexible team approach the Evertson Companies have been able to enjoy aggressive and continuous growth in the continually changing oil and gas industry. Specializing in improving production and increasing recoverable reserves in fields sold or left behind by bigger companies.

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Revised: Wednesday, March 15, 2006